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Action-Adventures & Mysteries for readers 8 - 13, especially boys... that girls love reading too!

 "Sam Cooper Adventures are like good, family movies . . . as an ordinary kid finds himself in exciting and extra-ordinary adventures!" Bill Myers - Author 

 "Max Elliot Anderson brings a lifetime of dramatic film and video production to the pages of his action adventures and mysteries." Jerry B. Jenkins, Author

Thank you for stopping by.

My books are written especially for reluctant reader boys 8 and up. But they are also loved by avid readers, girls, and even adults.

I believe you will find information that will inspire you.
If you happen to be a reluctant reader, or are a parent of a reluctant reader, your life is about to change forever!

Max at age 6-7.
Lights, Camera, Action...

My life has been surrounded with the production of films, television commercials, and video programs. I shot part of a film in Germany, for the first time, at age 16. I've been involved in production ever since with a PBS Gospel Music special, hundreds of national television commercials, and countless other films and video programs...

...a New Direction

...then something happened that would turn my life upside down. As a result of 9/11, my professional video production business came to a stop. In the three years that followed, I began to research why I had become a reluctant reader. After an extensive search, I set out to write the kinds of books that I would have enjoyed as a child. All the while, my focus was on just one other reluctant boy reader.


Coming This Fall
From Comfort Publishing
Barney and The Runaway

The Reluctant Reader...

Right from the beginning I was a reluctant reader. Even though my father is a famous author of over 70 books, I've never liked to read. You'll notice in this picture (at right), I'm only looking at the cover of one of my dad's books. Out of a family of 7 children, I'm the very last person you would ever expect to take up writing.


Sam Cooper Adventure Series

Now Available on

This new adventure series has the same characters in each book. Book #1 is Lost Island Smugglers. The next two titles are Captain Jack's Treasure and River Rampage. Join Sam, Tony, and Tyler in each exciting adventure.

THE Comfort Publishing ADVENTURE "SERIES"

Each of these books has completely different characters, setting, and plot, making the "series" unique from others you might find. Now my books are devoured by reluctant readers as well as avid boy readers, girls, and even adults.

The first book will be Barney and the Runaway. This will be followed by Newspaper Caper, Terror at Wolf Lake, North Woods Poachers, Mountain Cabin Mystery, Big Rig Rustlers, Secret of Abbott's Cave, & Legend of the White Wolf. Several more titles are planned for 2011.

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Ordinary and Extraordinary...

So, as you search the pages of this site, keep in mind that I am an ordinary person, allowed to do some extraordinary things, because of God's direction in my life.

The same can come true for you!

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Reviews for Lost Island Smugglers

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Lost Island Smugglers UPDATE Page To be released August 1st, 2010

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